Welcome aboard the HMS George. This is my blog, and that’s me photoshopped into the Sgt Pepper cover. I recently finished my masters degree in theoretical physics at the University of York, and I’ll be sticking around to start a PhD in computational biophysics here in October. I’ve wanted a little creative outlet for a while — somewhere to document my life, my little projects, and the things I find interesting. So, to that end, I’ve started a blog.

Some facts:

  • My PhD involves computational simulation of DNA molecules, and I find that really cool.
  • I’ve got a history of involvement in new media and citizen journalism, and it’s a movement I’m generally in favour of.
  • I’m one of those wankers who runs Linux as his only OS and thinks i3 is hands-down the best window manager.
  • I currently live in a tiny studio flat with my partner Maria, and I enjoy vegetarian/vegan cooking, heraldry, old maps, and miniature schnauzers.
  • I throw legendary themed parties.

This isn’t my first attempt at blogging. There’s probably a Blogspot lying around somewhere from when I was 13, and I’m sure some traces of my old Tumblr still linger like a camembert smell in a fridge. This time last year, I even tried vlogging! Seriously.

I’m not expecting a particularly wide readership, so as far as blogs go this one is likely to be pretty eclectic. I’m probably going to want to talk about my life sometimes, especially as I progress through my PhD (if, indeed, I do progress). Science is almost certain to sneak in too, as are is data analysis, and my Facebook friends will be delighted to know that my obnoxious political posts have a new home. We’re hoping to move somewhere with more than one room soon, so it’s likely I’ll end up showing off how cute our new flat is and other such lifestyle things. I’ll do my best to spare everyone from my particularly dull interests, although I’m sure heraldry and cartography will find ways to slip in occasionally—sorry about that.

If, by some wild chance, you’re interested in what I have to say about one or more of those things, there are separate RSS feeds available for each, at the top of the category pages. Of course, there’s also an RSS feed for the whole blog too, if you’re into a bit of everything.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a nice day!